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About us

Explore. Learn. Have fun.

"There is no language without culture

and no culture without language"



Italian Anywhere is a virtual space with a variety of programmes that invite you to challenge, explore and learn something new about the language and culture of Italy. 


Our Language & Cultural Centre aims to be a window on Italy from where we can smell, hear, view, touch and sense the authentic atmosphere of Italy. 

The Host


My name is Anna and I am the founder of Italian Anywhere. I love traveling, meeting different people and exchanging experiences as I believe it is a great way to grow.

I've been teaching Italian language and culture for more than 20 years in Italy, Spain, Greece, Australia, USA and the UK. I directed the 4week Study Abroad Program in Taormina, Sicily for 6 years at Bard College, NY (USA).

Through my travels I built my Italian identity and I developed a passion for sharing my culture.

My artistic background in music and theatre helps me to enrich my classes. In fact, I love teaching Italian language and culture through ART, MUSIC, CINEMA, FOOD as well as GESTURES.


Spero di vedervi presto!


MA and Ph.D. in Romance Languages

(Italian and Spanish)

Ph.D. in Classical Piano 

Diploma in Teaching Italian as L2

CELTA (Teaching English as L2)

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