Past Event: Virtual Journey to Sicily

20, 27 March 2021, 5pm

Let us know if you are interested in Sicily!

Tired of lockdown?

Travel with us! 

Not simply a trip. Not only a dinner.

More than both


Would you like to be there and experience the aroma, touch, view, sound... and taste of a place?

Come and capture the essence of a culture.

Join us to explore the history, archaeology, cultural influences and more:

you will cook together with the host and enjoy the dinner with your fellow travellers. 



DINNER is for 2.



1. Before the event you will receive a box at home. The box contains small numbered boxes.

2. On the day of the event, once we start the virtual event on Zoom, we will open the boxes together. This will 

     help us on our journey in understanding the region's culture and its identity. 

3. The last box contains authentic ingredients from the region. 

4. OPTIONAL > The host will invite you to stay, cook and eat together with the group and talk about the experience. 

     ALTERNATIVE > you can choose to enjoy the dinner later on by yourself.

HOW MUCH  it  COSTS:  £ 50


2 hour experience (historic info, interactive short activities, basic Italian language vocabulary, pictures)


box delivered to your home (organic wine, traditional pasta+ typical sauce, local speciality). 

Free delivery within 5 miles.

OPTION WITHOUT BOX: £ 25   (US $35, CAD 40)



If you have attend the journey to a region, FEEL FREE to participate in the contest.

Answer the questions and submit them.      

From all the correct answers, one will be picked out of the hat and win an ONLINE 1 hour FREE ITALIAN language CLASS. 

Upcoming Event:   Express your interest in a region 

                                                        among Calabria, Puglia, Campania, Sardegna, 

                                                        Lazio (excluding Rome), Rome, Veneto, 

                                                        Trentino, Piemonte, Lombardia, Liguria, 

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