Sooooooooooo happy to be back in person! 

Please join our events to feel immersed in the Italian culture.

Activities Programme in MAY

    Thursday                                      Saturday                                     Sunday


5: FILM 

    Sutton 7pm                                    14: Caffè CHAT                              WINE TASTING

                                                             Whitehall, Cheam 2pm                  coming soon


19: FILM                                             21: Full Immersion Day 

   Sutton, 7pm                                      Marina of Eastbourne 


                                                             28: Caffè CHAT

                                                            Whitehall, Cheam 2pm

Activities Programme in JUNE

    Thursday                                      Saturday                                      


     9: FILM                                                11: Caffè CHAT   

    Sutton 7pm                                     Whitehall, Cheam 2pm                        


                                                               18: TALK/EVENT

                                                               Wallington, 10am


    23: FILM                                              25: Caffè CHAT

   Sutton, 7pm                                     Whitehall, Cheam 2pm



Join us for a series of Italian contemporary films.

The screenings will be followed by a discussion over

a glass of wine.

Films are in Italian language, with English subtitles. 


How it works:

Films start at 7:00pm. But if you want to join us before the film,  to eat or drink something, you can join us at the Italian table, at the restaurant next door. Look for a table with the Italian flag. we will be there from 6:00pm.

  (Pls note: Dinner is not included in the ticket price and  if you want to book a seat, let us know in advance.)


Following the film we will have a discussion with anybody who would like to stay.

You can enjoy your complementary drink either before the film or during the discussion.  


Ticket =  £15 (It includes a drink)

Dinner is at 6pm   

Film starts at 7pm

Place: as soon as you book we will send you the address

DEAL: If you buy 4 tickets you will pay £50

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  5 May:  Habemus Papam, by Nanni Moretti, 2011

19 May: The Place,   by Paolo Genovese, 2017

  9 June:  La leggenda del pianista,

                  by  Giuseppe Tornatore, 1998 

24 June:  Scusate se esisto, by R. Milani, 2015

New: 'Full Immersion' Day in Italian
"Un Giorno in Italia...
no !" 


21 May 2022


possible dates according to levels of Italian:
22 May  -
May 11, 12 or 25 June

If we don't go to Italy soon, Italy will come to us! 

How it works:

Meet in Eastbourne for an Italian espresso before going shopping for the ingredients together. 

Continue on to a private beachfront kitchen, for a hands-on cooking class with your group, led by a language tutor/chef.

You’ll learn to make a classic Italian lunch in a relaxed atmosphere although the main focus is not that of developing culinary skills but rather improving the language related abilities. In fact, cooking will be used as part of the language learning process. We will take advantage of the 6 senses to better comprehend the language and culture of Italy. 

It’s an authentic experience you can’t get from a cookbook or cooking show, or a classroom lesson.



  • Speak Italian all day long (at least 7 hours)

  • Learn some grammar/lexical aspects of the language related to recipes, food and not only; review how to describe ingredients and preparation and elements of some ingredients’ history; gain fluency, complete written task through a questionnaire and worksheet.

  • Learn how to prepare a 3-course meal from traditional recipes

  • Enjoy the conviviality of a group of people who have similar interests

  • Spend a day relaxing on the beach  


COST =  £95  (It includes espresso, ingredients, aperitivo, lunch, tea/coffee, lesson)


Place: as soon as you book we will send you the address



Not-Only-Wine Tasting 

Let's go on a sensory adventure through the wines and cheeses of Southern Italy.

We will sample typical products from Puglia, Calabria and Sicily, as well as be guided by an expert in Italian wines. 

Date:   Spring 2022   

Details to come 



Time to celebrate Carnevale!  

Join us for a Drink in Maschera 

Date:  Sunday, 27 February 2022,   at 5 pm

at Shinner and Sudtone Pub, in Sutton, UK

                            This event is free

Study Abroad  for 50+

What about spending a week in a dreamy location in Italy and being able to study Italian language or taking a cooking course?

This is a full immersion experience to study and travel at the same time, with a small group of people who share the same interests. Living close to an Italian family will allow you to speak Italian all day long and experience an authentic Italian lifestyle.      


In the morning:  after breakfast, you will have lezioni di Italiano (2 hours);

In the afternoon: you will explore hidden sites through excursions;

In the evening: you will take a passeggiata in the square, have a drink or eat a gelato; listen to music or simply comment on the day, sitting in the garden over a drink.

 The full immersion experience will definitely take your Italian to the next level.

The suggested B&B is near Briatico, on the West coast. of Calabria.


Week:  1 - 8 Sept  (few seats available)

Week: 11 - 18 Sept 2022  Sold out

Week: 18 - 25 Sept  


COST £770


It is included:

Car (airport transfers + excursions)                                                  

7 nights at B&B (Individual room with private bathroom)

7 Breakfasts

Excursions: boat trip to the Aeolian islands, visit to the silk farm, Archaeological Museum of Reggio (Bronzi),

                      and Vibo Valentia (Greek artifacts); Pizzo (Spanish Castle and Piedigrotta church); Tropea         

10 hours of Italian lessons

3 dinners  (1st night, cooking workshop and pizza)

Tartufo ice-cream in Pizzo


NOT included:

Flight to/from London Stansted - Lamezia Terme                                       

7 Lunches + 4 Dinners    

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MORNING: 2 hrs language course/free time

- AFTERNOON: excursions/ice cream /cooking workshops

- EVENING: walks, films  

Read More >


You will stay in a villa or a small hotel. You can choose single room or double. Our places are situated in beautiful locations near the coast or in the mountain. 

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You can decide to stay

1 week or 2 weeks. 

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