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Tired of lockdown?  Travel with us! 

Not simply a trip. Not only a dinner.

More than both

The 'Virtual Tours' experience was introduced during the first lockdown. Due to its popularity, new dates will be released soon.   



Virtual Tour of Umbria

11 Feb 2020, 7pm


Virtual  Tour of Sicily

20, 27 March 2021, 5pm


                                  Tour + Dinner  

Would you like to be there and experience the aroma, touch, view, sound... and taste of Sicily?

Come and capture the essence of a culture. Join us to explore the history, archaeology, cultural influences and more:

you will cook together with the host and enjoy the dinner with your fellow travellers. 


What you will learn:

About the Greek temples, the Arab and Norman influence; where the Italian language was born; about gorgeous beaches, the Roman mosaics; the Montalbano places; delicious food; the best granita; Italian vocabulary, and much more.         


DINNER  is  for 2.



2 hour experience (historic info, interactive short activities, basic Italian language vocabulary, pictures)


box delivered to your home (organic Sicilian wine, bruschetta spread, traditional Sicilian pasta+ red pesto sauce, pistacchio speciality, almond cookies, cannoli; as well as Sicilian souvenirs for touch and smell ). 

Free delivery within 5 miles.


If you have attended either of the two recent journeys to Sicily, submit the questionnaire to win an



Sicilian Dinner for 4?
Order your hamper box now with authentic ingredients from Sicily.
Easy dinner to prepare for a special treat! 
Ask for details

How was Sicily?


I registered for a virtual tour of Sicily organised by Anna held on Saturday 20 March 2021. Ever since going on this journey I have been telling loads of my friends about it . 

It was fantastic. We were given  lots of information about its history, architecture and learnt a lot about its local delicacies and traditions. 


We were all sent a bag of goodies on the day and after the talk some of us stayed behind and cooked together and enjoyed a few glasses of Sicilian wine. 


It really felt like we had had a day out in Sicily. Most enjoyable and very informative. 

Would definitely book myself on the next one if there were to be one. 

Grazie mille as they say ....  🇮🇹 

M. Teresa

The evening in Sicily courtesy of Anna on the 20th March 2021, was very informative and most enjoyable. It ended with a lovely plate of pasta and various delicacies from the sunny island.

Very good antidote to the 'Covid Blues'.

Looking forward to the next event courtesy of Anna.






I absolutely loved my trip to Sicily. So interesting and fun! I can’t wait to continue my education on Italian places of interest.

Grazie mille per una serata speciale Anna. Non vedo l’ora di raggiungerti la prossima volta.



 The short virtual trip to Sicily was a wonderful get away without going away. Traveling through the times and along the map - with pictures and a summary of interesting facts ... my only wish is I could remember it all.

We received a box of Sicilian food, a bottle of organic wine and some amazing dolci made by Anna herself. We listened to music, smelled the lemon soap and kept the souvenir ( a ceramic piece from Sicily). 
I followed it with a Montalbano so I could listen to the language.
Five star experience!
Great host.
Must do another one!

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