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Italian Anywhere

Immersive Language Tours

    Benvenuti !

Highly interactive and engaging teaching style for all levels:

Italian language / Literature Theatre / Film   


 In search of Montalbano

 NEW  Immersive Trip to Sicily


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trips to Italy:  Spring '24


A Fun Way to Practise Italian.

I have recently joined the weekly meetup at the Cock and Bull pub in Sutton. It is a fun way to learn and practice Italian as well as develop a deeper interest in Italian culture.

Anna is an excellent teacher who brings extensive knowledge and experience to the group making every session both informative and fun.

Feb 2018                 RedWatch5-1

Highly Recommended

 I have spent many relaxed evenings with a small group speaking and learning Italian with Anna in a quiet pub in Sutton.

I also spend a lovely day in Covent Garden with Anna and another Italian student learning about Italian culture and increasing my vocabulary.

I would highly recommend Italian Anywhere to anyone wishing learn or improve their Italian.

Feb 2018                      GoldCup83


 Anna is an excellent 

teacher. Each session is both enjoyable and instructive.

      Jan 2019                Sue G


Excellent course.  Enjoyed very much!

I did a course at ‘Italian anywhere’ with Anna before I took a trip to Italy; and I absolutely loved it.
Anna is a wonderful tutor, knowledgeable, skilled, highly educated, also a kind, patient teacher. She went extra miles to make sure learning took place. The lessons performed professionally and amicably. Lessons were organised in a very user friendly  theme and progressed beautifully to meet my level and needs.
I not only learned the language, I also learned about the country, Italian culture, food, arts and customs. At the end of the course I had a sufficient understanding to do basic communications with people and more comfortably enjoyed my trip.  I take this opportunity to thank Anna and wish her every success.


April 2018                 Asgar

Excellent Language Learning

 I attend the weekly the Sutton Italian Meet Up conversation group with Anna  who is the group co-ordinator. It is a good way to meet new people,

learn a new language and still make it an enjoyable experience.
I have also done a one day intensive course with Anna.  It was brilliant.
I would definitely do that again.  Anna is an excellent teacher.


Bellissimo viaggio.

Great new idea! 

 Great atmosphere in class, really positive teaching. I might actually learn something!  

Also,  I really enjoyed the Film nights and the 'Virtual Tour' of Umbria.

 It was something I hadn't done before and really enjoyed it as did my fellow virtual travellers.

Feb 2020           JBD



I absolutely loved my trip to Sicily. 

So interesting and fun!  I can’t wait to continue my education on Italian places of interest.

Grazie mille per una serata speciale Anna. Non vedo l’ora di raggiungerti la prossima volta.

March 2021   Chris


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